Ver La Reina del Sur capitulo 4

Ver La Reina del Sur capitulo 4The latest telenovela in waiting by you of the latest episode of Ver La Reina del Sur capitulo 4 were present and ready for you to watch, hopefully the information I can about the synopsis or story from the La Reina del Sur Ver capitulo 4 could be useful for you.

Ver La Reina del Sur capitulo 4 - Seen in this adventure a demanding battle that is alpha with Teresa who accustomed the call. that "Guero" Davila, has died, so he absitively to run away. Ask for abetment from Epifanio Vargas, asperse Davila, who was beatific to Melilla, Spain to actualize a new life. Working in a bar and meets a man who sanctions, Santiago Finisterre. He is a smuggler of tobacco and marijuana amid Morocco and Spain over the Strait of Gibraltar, and he began to accompany your journey. After the accident, Fisterra die, but Teresa survived and was beatific to prison.

There he met O'Farrell, Paty, a woman who considers herself bisexual, who was in bastille for biologic trafficking. After both of the prison, biologic trafficking business started by the Strait of Gibraltar with Russian businessmen. Thanks to the accomplishment with numbers and addition to anatomy a "company" which became the a lot of acknowledged in biologic trafficking in southern Spain. Teresa started a new accord with your accountant, Teo Aljarafe, but never appear to love.

After award that he provided advice to their business to the government, absitively to annihilate him. This occurs if the clairvoyant finds that "Guero" is in fact a badge administrator and ordered Epifanio annihilate like that.

Thus Ver Sur La Reina del capitulo 4 and that survived the latest and hopefully watch the days you entertained with his stories that will continue in the latest blog updates on this information.
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